Day 620 – River Island

  Spent a delightful day yesterday with Ann Gilmore and Cyndy Epps painting on Mary Futrells back porch in River Island. We were the features artists on Augusta Symphony 7th Annual Kithcen Tour of homes.  

This is one of the things that I painted while I was there. The red trees are red oaks.  Did you know that this is the only time of the year you can tell they are red oaks- because they leaf out with a red blush. 


Yesterday was a deliciously perfect spring  day to spend on a back porch painting and talking the day away. What fun!! This was our view. 

I guess I was actually Plein air painting for once outside. Usually I stay out of the weather and paint in the car or thru the window at my house because it’s often far too hot or too buggy along the river. 

Colors used alizarin Winsor yellow cerulean cobalt dioxzine purple hematite green ultramarine blue burnt umber burnt sienna Quinacridone sienna. 

Thanks from reading. 

Margaret xxx

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