Day 612 – Running late. 

WIP -Emily – 24 x 30″ acrylic she needs more work!! Monday!! 

Almost forgot to post.   Been on a house cleaning purge this week after reading a book called  The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!Who  knew books could be clutter especially if you never read them again. The author suggests unless a book makes you happy you should pass it on. So I have been and yes it’s making me happy. 

So while piling up almost 100 books to Goodwill today I found a set that made my eyes bug out. Worth a tidy sum on Amazon resales. 

Last time I did that I sold a book that I paid $5 for at the Borders remainder piles for $275- filled with lovely horse sketches and a Jack Russell or two drawn by the guy who started the gnome craze – the little elves in the peaky red hats. 

  The block in at first break. Eek look at that nose!! And the chin!! 

This weeks nude. A new model. She did a lovely quiet pose. Eventually I got the face sorted. 

So what’s wrong with the painting. Not a lot. 

The background needs finishing especially the left. 

Her face needs some lightening and some highlights. And that forehead is TOO round. 

Right breast a little in how did Dave put it “a ski slope!” It’s not easy doing detail with a HUGE brush. 

If I had to start over I would make her larger and explode off the canvas a bit but as is she’s a nice quiet painting. 

You never know I just paint her over. Mondays are always  a fresh start. Isn’t that great!? 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret xxx 

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