Day 408 – A Commission

The Wedding – 15×22 

I was recently honored to do this commission for a friends birthday- his long awaited wedding to his love. 

They adored it. Said all their friends would be jealous. 

The sketch with the first background wash added. Very light mix of colors. 

I thought it was done at this long til a friend said darken the background so John on the right shows up better.  Remember it’s all about the contrast!! Shadows have a lot of purples added for contrast as well as burnt sienna. 

Colors used! Skin is yellow ochre and Quin coral. The Daniel Smith Quin coral akes a lovely glowy skin. The grey hair is stipples cerulean blue.  Works great for stubbly hair. 

That’s all I got for today. Have a lovely weekend. Life modeling tomorrow if all goes well!! 

Thanks for reading. 


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