Day 352 – More Super Deluxe Bee 



As you no doubt know I love sketching and lettering with my Noodler pens. They make such great lines. HOWEVER most bound sketchbooks do not like them. Well I don’t like the way the paper in them bounces when I try to draw on them leading by to stray marks I didn’t intend to do. I love the Strathmore 500 Mixed Media Paper but it feels oddly spongy and draggy to me when I use the pens on it. 

Crosshatching – if you don’t use crosshatching the lines are streaky. Add in the cross lines the streaks go away.  

  NOT so with the Superbee. The letters are sharp and clear on the paper as are the sketches. There’s no drag on the pen so it’s easier to write the letters. Of course more practice would help.  Big believer in practice even in art. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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