Day 348- Key West Dreaming Part Two


One of my favorite sketches. All things Key West. Chickens, motor scooters, Blue Heaven, palm tree, sea shells and a beachy drink. This was drawn in pencil and added to as inspiration hit starting with the scooter. 

Zany celebrations abound in Key West. The dachshund parade which was around one square block followed by a chihuahua flash mob!! Next trip Hemongway look alike contest to celebrate his birthday. Can’t wait to sketch hairy old men and mustacheoed young men a la Hemingway. 

Banyan trees fascinate me. One is so enormous there are shops inside it and a sidewalk. 

A view down the street towards the Custom house I think. One of my fav sketches. Love that tall towering Palm. 

A few more Key West sketches tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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