Day 202 – Time Flies!!



Especially when you have something interesting to do…I seem to draw and or paint something or someone just about everyday now.  I am taking TWO Danny Gregory Sketchbookskool online classes at the same time…Beginnings and Seeing.

Lots of fun! Some great teachers.  I highly recommend it.  Each one is six weeks long with a different teacher every week…and theres that dreaded word HOMEWORK!! aka Assignments….OH MY!! But since I am drawing and painting sometimes all day long it’s not a problem!!  All those skies started out as homework…we only had to do one…I did EIGHT!! OPPS!!! And have one more in mind to do…



Today its rained all day.  Skies were an uninspiring grey grey grey so I drew this perky violet that seems to resist my best attempts to kill it.   A friend gave me a small piece last winter saying it would root easily in water. Hers was huge!! More than a foot across.  I thought uh huh…this wont last long.  Lo and behold it rooted…I planted it in an old McCoy pot of my grandmother’s it continued thrive.  It sits on the kitchen counter where it gets little sun except thru the backporch skylight.  So today I drew it…growing against impossible odds…thriving!!  I also journaled about my mother and grandmother -both famous for their green thumbs.

Now to get my homework drawn-draw a piece of bread.  In my case a biscuit. Near enough!!!

Thanks for looking!





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