Day 197 – Downton Time!!! Or how to draw those characters!!

Being of the impatient sort I used to read the Downton wikis to see what would happen next on Downton. They have already been shown in England before Christmas. We get them months later. This year I am resisting the urge to peak and “read the end of the book”.

Instead I journal about Downton drawing the characters and writing snippets of their lines that I find funny. I had to watch the first episode twice because I was so intent on sketching I missed half the show. Thank goodness for dvrs!!


I started trying to draw them when they were on screen for a lengthy period. Difficult difficult!!!

Aha moment. I realized I could pause my tv during the show. They would stay there as long as I wanted them too.

Your tv won’t do that?
The idea to drawing these character sketches is either photographing them off the tv or stopping the Dvr and drawing them.

Photographing with your phone has the added benefit of letting you watch the show while you draw. You can have your cake and eat it too!!!

The background of the large words. When I tried to paint it I had lettered it already. The Noodlers bulletproof black ran. Gre. I added some white Winsor Newton Gouache to Cerulean and repainted the background after it dried.

Have fun. Freeze that screen!! Thanks for looking!!