Day 200 – Sky Practice

Don’t forget to leave a comment and a like to have a chance on a watercolor. Contest is over at midnite.

My 200th day of consecutive blog posts!! Who would have thought I would get this far. Originally I was trying for 50 days of posting, and here it is Day 200!! No skyrockets but a wild sunset.


A redo of last nights sunset. This picture is bluer than the actual painting. The treeline and foreground is purple and blue not blue in the original. I used quinacridone Rose instead of the red in the first version. This is the third try and I think the best. The first one got glued over with a fresh piece of paper. I think I am ready to paint some new trees. Some firs?! My neighbors are looking better and better.

Tip: wash sky starting at top with cobalt shading to burnt sienna. It won’t go green like yellow will. With a hog bristle brush add bits of the pink and purple blue at an angle for the clouds. Darker at the top, brighter toward the horizon. Some thinned Sienna or nickel Azo gold on the bottom of the clouds makes a nice yellow glow.
Tip 2: Fuzzy tree and bush tops Paint them while the sky is wet. Add some burnt sienna for a glow on the tree tops. Hmm should have tried that on the bushes and the trees.


Here’s the first one so you can compare them. Have fun.

Thanks for looking!!!🎉🎉🎉

13 thoughts on “Day 200 – Sky Practice

  1. Karen Cardullo says:

    All I can say is WOW! Margaret, you are an artist with many, many talents. I enjoy looking at all of your drawings/artwork and am truly amazed at your artistic abilities.


  2. Karen Cardullo says:

    Happy 200th day of blogging, Margaret! I feel like we should be doing something to celebrate this mile stone. This beckons me to come sit on the porch and watch the river, sky and trees. So peaceful and beautiful.


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