Day 195 I hope! Ink Comparisons


A fast sketch I did of Peter Dinklage from an HBO Game of THrones ad at midnite a couple of days ago…not bad for midnite!!

As some of you know I have been really into ink lately. I now own three fountain pens seen in this Je Suis Charlie Sketch, a Noodler Creaper Ahab, a Lamy vista Fine and Lamy Safari with THREE bottles of ink.
Noodlers Bulletproof Eelskin and Black and another Black that was a total wreck with water.

I did some Ink and pen comparisons on Strathford 500 mixed media paper. I let the ink dry overnite.


Before I wet the paper.


After I wet the paper.

The Platinum Carbon Black was a BIG FLOP. I think the problem was my ink had NO D on the box…gotta call Goulet and order from them next time.  UPDATE:   I have gotten to the bottom of why this supposed always waterproof fast drying ink wasnt!! Mine though it was sold as waterproof has the wrong number on it…back it goes…sending it to amazon tomorrow…well Monday…drawing tomorrow after all this computering!! The ink should have an INC-1500 on it mine has an INC-1200.  A guy named Treor was complaining that his new bottle ran, his old one had not.  The new one had a different number under the barcode.  HMM…well Goulet is mailing me a new one…hopefully SOOON!!!

The Noodlers did well in the fine point Lamy Vista but not as well in the large nibbed Creaper or Safari but they were acceptable compared to the carbon black which was supposed to be waterproof!! OOPS!! I threw in the Pilot Varsity because I have them and blue was a nice contrast with all that black!!


Sketching at Panera

That said I used my Noodler Creaper loaded with Noodlers Bulletproof on this sketch that I did at Panera…the words were added BEFORE the paint in the background.

7 thoughts on “Day 195 I hope! Ink Comparisons

  1. linnerlu says:

    Nice comparison on the pens, Maggie! Also, I enjoyed your sketch of Peter Dinklage (my favorite actor and character on Game of Thrones). And finally … Yay! for your Je Suis Charlie cartoon!


  2. Dan T Sullivan MD says:

    Your ART is truly beautiful. I am the oldest grandchild of Daniel Vincent & Catherine Sullivan, Okemah OK. My Dad, Richard was their first son. His brother Thomas was a civil engineer and part time artist. I have a painting he did for Mom and Dad as a wedding gift. His artistic ability is still present due to his contribution in the design and construction of La Guardia Airport, Newark International Airport, Idlewild Airport (Kennedy) and DFW Airport. That trait did not carry over to me or my four siblings. I live in Springfield MO.

    Thank you for your contribution to brother Richard and his work on the Family Tree.


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks!! Hi cousin. Great to hear from you!! I know all about the Sullivans from my dad who was born in Tulsa and now lives in Asheville. A young 92. He speaks highly of them. He went to OK A&M with Thomas and said he had been so nice to him when he was a freshman. I think McCarthys are either very math/science or artsy. I got the artsy end. Lol. Don’t forget at least according to dad he designed the people movers too. Thank goodness! As to geneology we are all sharing what we know putting the puzzle together. I just wish someone had a photo of Mary Ann Magner McCarthy my(our) gggrandmother.


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