Day 1080 A Mountain Sketchbook 

My pencil adventures continue. 

Been working on a sketchbook of our time in Sapphire. 

Eventually I hope to fill it with sketches from our time spent there. I know I will be adding the eclipse next month and wild flowers to it. 

The view from the Cabin front porch. The Thompson River and the picnic shed.  

 Alot of painting to do still. 

One of our favorite restaurants Cornucopia in Cashiers. 

Fourth of July on the Green in Cashiers. 

The crowd on the green. 

Our picnic on the green and our favorite popsicle vendor. 

Kids watching videos in the morning.  
And the wild flowers from the meadow. 

Maybe it will be a Christmas present. Maybe I will keep it. We shall see. 

Ttyl laundry to do groceries to be bought dog hair to vacuum and paintings to be finished. Stay tuned!! 

Margaret xoxoxoxo

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