Day 1078 There are days you can’t paint 

And today was one. I guess you have to practice painting bouquets a la Charles Reid.  Right now I am blaming the cold press Kilimanjaro this is painted on in my sketchbook but it could also be the 69% humidity. 

May give it another go tomorrow. The wild flowers are so pretty here.  All the flowers in this painting grow in the field in front of my sons cabin in Sapphire. 

The field starts off with buttercups, lupin,  and wild iris in the spring. 

Summer flowers galore all over the property.  

Day lilies and hosta. 

Banks of rhodendrons and lace cap hydrangeas  surround the valley and river the cabin sits by right now. 

The flowers run along Thompson River a  trout river, the swimming hole and waterfall – one of six on the property. 

Next to bloom the Joe Pye weed!! 

Top it off with a high around 80. A piece of heaven. 
Plenty of flowers to practice on. Even if I have to do it at home. 

Ttyl Margaret gone fishing! Xoxoxoxo

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