Day 1055 -It’s Saturday!! 

It’s Saturday and Miss Emily is our model. 

Slathering the paint on like cake icing. Lots of impasto. A little hippy and busty?! I moved that right arm at least three times. Scrapped it off and started over again and again and again.  

At the first break. 4o minutes in.  

Kathe playing with my caran dache neocolor ii and some charcoal. 

Not sure who drew this. 

Fred Mr Mondigliani Baker. A Fred funny today. Asked Dr Fred what do you call a liar a sociopath?!  He said a Billionaire re our president. Thought that was great. 

Jeremy’s. Gorgeousness 

Al Beyer’s huge oil 

Coaches great charcoal. 

And that’s all folks. Still contemplating St comeys halo. 

Ttyl Margaret. Xoxoxo 

Day 1054 St Comey? WIP?

Should have stuck to the hot press fabriano I started to draw this on. HOWEVER a I have more Bristol Board than Hotpress so opted for Bristol. NOT next time. And I may redraw. 

I could not loose an edge to save my life on this paper. And it took forever dry. Maybe I should have put it on Stonehenge. I do have some of that. Next time.  Or maybe hat Fabriano. Fabriano hot press is the loveliest paper and I know Cheap Joes has more and so does Dick Blick. 

Inked with my Lamy Safari and Lamy Fine point. 

WIP because I may do it over and also may add a bit of mixed media like what about a gold paint pen halo edge!?  Could be fun.  

These ideas pop into my head and I keep a list of them on my cell phone. Check back by or check my Instagram feed MaggieinSc for an update because Rachel Maddow is on soon and it’s time for a shower so I am ready. 

Wonder what she will unloose tonite. an ongoing spy novel. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1053 – Politics 

Hard to avoid it today. It’s all over the tv the radio Facebook twitter. I don’t know about you but the last few days have been riveting. THIS IS WATERGATE!! 14×20 Mixed Media 

Enough to get Rachel Maddow back from her sick bed where she had been for almost two weeks.  

I got the brilliant idea to do this one on arches #140 cold press. BIG a mistake. Hard to write on with any ink pen or marker I had.  

I finally picked up a Japanese brush pen I thought had permanent ink. I tested it on a scrap of paper.  It didn’t run. 

Fast forward to all the heavy lines in this sketch are done with that brush pen especially on Dan Coats. 

When I started painting him he turned into a gray runny mess. This was supposed to be a watercolor.  EEEKKKK.  

I dug into my mixed media art supply grove. Caran d’ache Neocolor ii to the rescue. I started coloring. I lightened him up. The only person that didn’t have some runs was Comey. 😳

A lot of the letters ran. The names!! Eeeekkk. On this rough paper there was no clean edge. Tried a grease pencil which works great in my sketchbooks. NOPE TOO rough. 

Got out a white gel pen on the letters.  Better!! Got out a paint pen. Even better. More outlining with the Lamy Safari. 

Done. Whew. Not what I had in mind BUT finally pleased with it. 

Margaret planning another but it will be on hot press paper. Xoxoxo the news is calling. 

Day 1052 – Take a Hike Mr President Key West #3

Found a few more that I hadn’t posted. The Shark cruise. Guess they won’t be around. No clean water. It’s already pretty bad in the Gulf. 

All this would be underwater. 

And this fun whacky restaurant on the waterfront. 

And my favorite wacky restaurant Blue Heaven.  Such delicious food and awesome chickens.  never tire of the crazy chickens in Key West. 

And my other favorite spot Louie’s backyard eatting on the water enjoying delicious Caribbean breezes. All gone with global warming. 

Sad that it would disappear. 

My sis in law who doesn’t believe in global warming would be very said at Key Wests submergence beneath the waters. Here favorite spot in the world. 

One of my favorites too. 

Busy day. Off I go. Setting up for a flower painting. If only they stay alive long enough. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1051 Take a Hike Mr President #3

And what about where I live? Will the houses along the Savannah be in the Savannah?! 

Will downtown Augusta be underwater?! And the island across from me already underwater sometimes. Will it be gone?! 

Will the Savannah be 600 yards wide here instead of 300?! 

I keep asking. 

Nobody can answer me. 

And you know 45 doesn’t care about our little spot of gorgeous earth. 




Be gone or 

Bigger ?! 

Or  what?!  

Ttyl Rachel Maddow is back tonite. I knew she wouldn’t be able to miss the recent NSA leak. Off to shower so I will be ready 


Day 1050 – Take a Hike Mr President part 2

You know IF Miami is underwater those lovely pearls we call The Keys will be long gone. 

And so would Key Largo. 

A favorite spot to eat when heading to Key West. 

Both coming 

And going. 

Where else will you hear steel drums played during lunch. 

Ttyl. Margaret doped up in Benadryl. You know carrying flowers home from Trader Joe’s  in Atlanta may not have  been a good idea. KERCHOOOOO. Nose running like a sieve. And I wanted to paint. Zzzzzz

Day 1049 Happy Birthday Ben

Today is my son Bens birthday. I have drawn him quite a bit and his dogs even more. And of course his adopted hometown Atlanta. 

Hanging out at Little Five Points. 

Going to Weddings! 

Binge watching Netflix!

Waiting for breakfast. 

Video game player. 

The Broken Arm 

LIvie his Pitt bull 

And Bear the stray that showed up on his porch. 




Ttyl Party time. 

Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1048 Zoe on patrol!

Been a while since I drew the dogs. Zoe was in the perfect spot looking out their favorite  front window. 

Colors used Cerulean burnt sienna and that’s it. 

On the road again to Atlanta for the first of the birthday weekends.  

Margaret xoxoxox

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Day 1047 Take a Hike Mr President 

Along with Suhita I will be posting some of the beautiful places in our country that we will loose with the rising seas like Key West!! The only way we can protest the president leaving the Paris Accords!  Join us! 

The highest point is 18 feet above sea level. Rising tides will put it UNDER water.

No more Jacarandas aka Norfolk pines. They will be flooded. 

No more Hogfish Grill UNDERwater!’ 

No more Buzzards Roost on Key Largo UNDER water!’

NO more Blue Heaven UNDER water!! and all those lovely chickens I love to feed and draw Under Water! 
And what about all those poor animals – the chickens!? UNDER Water!!!

Iguanas they can swim but for how long and how far?! 

More chickens at the post office. UNDER Water!!!

Ditto UNDER Water!!!UNDER Water!!!UNDER Water!!!UNDER Water!!! 

And Louie’s Backwater with food that’s so amazing a view of the Caribbean UNDER Water!!!

Off to Atlanta which won’t be underwater just a desert!! #UNDER Water!!! #TakeaHikeMrPresident 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1046 – Let’s Make A French Omelette!

Ever since I read Julia Childs Mastering the Art of French Cooking as a child I have been in love with the notion of all things French and especially the quintessiantal French food – the omelette. 

But I never could figure out how they made that neat rolled omelette. 

Watching Jacques Pepins American Master show on PBS I thought YOUTUBE!! 

Sure enough. There he was teaching how to cook an omelette

Omelette Number 1 of course I had to draw it to commemorate the occasion. 

First mistake I had been making was not using the right pan so I got it a big 10-12″ round edged skillet that was coated w the green coating that releases easily. 

And I hadn’t been using the spatula to scrape around the edges as I cooked. Who knew? 

And I stuffed mine. Trying to eat those greens and I had to have some Cheddar cheese. 

The most delicious thing I have ever eaten. I swear. Not so pretty but amazing. 

Omelette 2 Today. 

Prettier shape but too brown. 

Anyway colors used to paint  it. Cad yellow light, cerulean, yellow ochre, green apatite and sap green for the plate, Ultramarine Blue and burnt umber for the shadow. 

TIP: Splattered with palette mess left from painting. Has to be really soupy to splatter. Use more water than you think. And I just use a large paint brush in this case my 10 Da Vinci. I also painted this with the same paint brush. 

Margaret xoxoxo