Day 651 – A dog and a Cold

   In between sneezes its evident I would rather draw my dog than my cup collection. 
   Noodler Konrad Document brown ink Superaquabee sketchbook. 


 Sooner or later I might paint them especially this one. My red headed dog looks better with a little color on her sweet head. 

Thanks for reading. KERCHOOOOO
Margaret drippingly on the sofa w remote in hand. Xxx 

3 thoughts on “Day 651 – A dog and a Cold

  1. sandra mac diarmid says:

    lovely to have another ‘friend’ who is also a dog freak.. I draw my dog every day and am on my 7th ‘book of Luc’…(some sketchbooks, limited pages, so dont be too impressed) looks like Noodlers document brown is the one I have been looking for.. keep up the great work and hope the cold is getting better..sandra


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks it’s Deartementis document brown from Goulet. Permanent hard as hens teeth to order. Goes out of stock the instant they get it in. 👀


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Feeling guilty not drawing my lab but she’d rather sleep in her big dog bed than on the sofa. Have to stand up to sketch her and not felt like that.


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