Day 646 – Augusta Area Newcomers 

A fun double page spread. I drew the figures almost under the table cloth at our meeting. I was just in a mood to draw. 

Our President  Susan Salisbury

Then I decided to add my nonwinning raffle tickets which I painted blue. Their original white color would have been boring. And I added a napkin with some washi tape. I do love washi tape. I only buy it when I get it on sale.   


A sketch of our auctioneer Ken Elliot  and his two helpers. I guess you can tell it was St Patricks Day. Should have posted this a while ago.

Augusta Area Newcomers Club is a great club for people who have just retired  or are new to the area. Lots of group activities from Wine Night, Bunco, Bridge, Movie Club, Out to Lunch and a lot more. Something for everyone. Once a year we have a big silent auction at the Country Club that raises thousands of dollars for a charity.

Check it out! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

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