Day?! (640) It’s Saturday

So once again I posted this on the wrong blog.  I really have to delete the other one. Sigh. Hurrah!! It’s deleted. No more posting on it accidentally. 

😃When I am home that means I have been sketching and painting at the life modeling session that Prof Al Beyer had at USC Aiken. Pleased with my sketch today. 

Ilenia 20×30″. Acrylic
I will probably add some more purple to her left side. I had more but painted it out. In the rush of an hour and a half of drawing and painting sometimes u just run out of time.  
Probably change the red on her cheeks. I think it’s a bit much. But better than the purple I had on her cheeks to start with. I left it in Aiken so I would get a fresh look at it Monday and not be able to torture her all weekend painting her at home. 
The background could use some work too. It’s just some ultramarine blue that I scrubbed on with a paper towel when it spilled in my paint box. I finally just let it dry instead of cleaning it up. What a mess that was. 
Colors used titanium white, nickel Azo gold, pyrrole red and dioxzine purple. Burnt umber for hair. Cad yellow yellow ochre and a bit of Green gold in the drapery. 
   Thanks for reading!

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