Day 622 The Major 


30×40″ acrylic
 Is done. What else can I say. Hmm should I add at least for today?! 😊 you never know what I might decide needs fixing when I look at him tomorrow BUT I really do think he’s done. 


 He will be entered in the big show in Anderson SC next month so let’s hope he doesn’t talk to me anymore. 

Detail of his hands

Tip:The smallest brush he was painted with was a 1″ hog bristle filbert. Impossible to get to picky with these brushes. He was also painted with a three inch house painting brush. 

The only work done with a small brush was the original  sketch. It was done with a 1/4″ Winsor Newton monarch filbert. I do love those brushes. 

I also finished her up yesterday but she reserves the right to talk to me and say MORE!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx whose drowning in the early pollen. Green snow covers the world in Augusta Ga. 

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