Day 209 – Pretty Sketchbooks

After a conversation on Facebook about nasty covers on sketchbooks yesterday I decided to cover mine. I had a great box of hand made paper from Paper Mojo, a large bottle of Modge Podge, and a foam brush or two.

Four Strathmore journals, a Stillman and Birn Zeta and one Moleskine.
It took most of the day but I think they look great!!

A lot of the blocks with the word Sketchbook is made with scraps of watercolor paper that I tested pa don’t colors on.

This was a black moleskine.


I think they will look a lot better in the shelf than the old brown and black covers like the old one in the stack that’s still not covered. It does have stickers all over it. If that counts?!

Thanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “Day 209 – Pretty Sketchbooks

  1. snicklefritzin43 says:

    I think your new sketchbook covers are fantastic. A pretty container for thoughts and sketches.. the pieces of your creativity being housed in beauty….inspired to get some of mine shaped up with new faces.


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks Kristin. As usual I got carried away wrapping all my books. I still have a couple more that I could do!! Noticed Paper Mojo has a 10% off coupon on their email today!!


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