Day 124 Zoe

she’s not made an appearance I my current sketchbook and it’s almost full so thought it was fine.

Lamy Ef. Might need to add some background on the left. What do u think.

No Vlad paint along today. I was all set. He’s sick. Hope he’s well by Tuesday. He lives in Florida – not a good place to be right now.

Creepy guy I drew a month or so ago. One of Danny Gregory’s mugshot sketches. Eeek.

Margaret ready for Grantchester. Xoxoxox

Day 33 Lemonade

Is what you get when you paint over a nonpermanent ink pen. I forgot I went over the letters with a pilot varsity pen which is NOT apermanent. 😫😫😫

I do have plans to fix this so stay tuned. Sometimes they don’t get done in one day.

Zoe actually held her pose for me because she was giving me the jrt stare which means she wants something. And I wasn’t giving it to her aka outside Now. She really wanted to go out and bark at her nemesis two very tall Pointers the neighbor dogs.

I thought coloring the background red was a good idea. It was too pale so I had to keep coloring it and then I added orange which helped.

But these do look better colored. ESP like the jrt head colored orange too.

Margaret ready to watch some comedy on tv to be happy. Xoxoxo

Day 33 Never

Eat a large chocolate bar. It will keep you up most of the night. But oh was it good.

I took another photo of The Farm using my Ott light to light it up. Much more accurate photo. Can’t wait til Saturday for the next class.

Drawing with Koosje. A corner of the living room really my den.

Lamy Stillman and Birn Alpha.

We drew masks with Danny at noon. Now we have to pick one out and make a paper bag mask.

I had to write down what I thought they were saying. That was fun. Can you find the Covid monster?! Lamy Safari Stillman and Birn Alpha. Only five spreads left but I got a new one from Amazon. Hurrah.

Sweet Ilaina. Missing my painting peeps.

Digging around for my 140 # rough press Fabriano I found this. Always liked it. Still have the photo to finish it. Full sheet on Waterman cold press I think.

Got some decent pics of the Downy that hit the window this am. So pretty.

Not sure what he is but cute. A sparrow?! Where’s the bird book?!

Loves this female cardinal on the thistle feeder. Adoreable.

Distancing in SC

Margaret ready for bed despite my excellent afternoon nap while watching Mary Berry at Highclere Castle on YouTube. Zzzz


Margaret xoxoxo

Somehow I forgot to post

yesterday. Not sure why since I had this sketch of Zoe all ready. Lamy Safari Stillman and Birn Alpha watercolor pencil background a

Zoe wondering why I kept calling her name and adjusting her head. She never quite returned to her pose so her heads Bit too wide. Surprised she just didn’t lie down like she usually does and take a nap.

That said I have been preaching f to family and friends about facemask wearing for a month now. I can’t seem to get the time and energy together to get enough made so am sharing these directions with everyone I can find. I felt liked the canary in the coal mine tweeting away about masks til today when Dr David Agus said YES wear masks on CBS Morning show today. I mean if they work for medical why not us.


Can’t seem to make Enough masks to even cover my family’s noses.

So these are great NO sew directions.

The time has come for us all to wear masks now that the docs are starting to say wear face masks. Yesterday I discovered this very easy to make face mask. NO SEWING!!!

Easy and Fast No-Sew Face Mask

You can use a filtrete air condition filter to line it – The very expensive FOLDED kind that are hypoallergenic and filter bacteria and VIRUSES.

TWO layers of filter. They have to have a Merv Rating of 1900-2200 and cost $25-50 each but each make lots of masks

You can also use vacuum hepa filters as a filter .

Please wear a face masks when you leave the house to protect yourself and everyone else.

And share this with those you love and maybe some you don’t so we can get back to our normal lives and stop this plague.

Masks can be sterlized by 30minutes at 170° or greater. Dont use microwave (metal nasal fitment will spark). Also dont contiminate mask storage bag.”

The very pregnant stray cat

Virtual hugs!! See you soon!

Our my window.

Love this artist Charlie Macksey !!!

Love you guys. Margaret thinking nap on sofa momentarily xoxoxo

A Break Through

Another busy busy day

Not often I am in my jammies in bed st 8:30. Up at the crack of dawn draw and paint all day.

So what was the break through?! Don’t paint people you know then you won’t be hampered or intimidated by the need to make them look like your relative or friend. You can just have fun painting.

So I spent all morning drawing these two ladies.

More to do on Morning Coffee. 15×22″ 140# cold press Fluid


All that water I threw at her and she’s still flat.

Lots of edges to soften. Hard edges are ridiculous on her face.

The Drawing

A lot left to do on her. All of her jewelry. Her head scarf and a million other fun things. OH her glasses. Not anywhere dark enough. She had on about six necklaces and ten bracelets. So LOTS to do.

And those teeth. Ugh.

Colors used raw sienna alizarin American Journey Andrews Turquoise Mineral Violet Cad red cad yellow burnt sienna and some ultramarine blue. Big 1 1/2 flat for most of the painting.

Margaret tucked into bed before 9am. All I need is sweet Zoe. Xoxoxo

Day 1296 Magic Time Finally

This post was stuck in my scheduled posts box. I don’t know if I posted but it’s such a great post can’t hurt posting again.

Watching Charles Reid paint a person is like watching someone make magic. He twitches his brush here and here. Stating at the nose suddenly there’s a fabulous painting of a person.

John was our model today. He did a wonderful job.

Charles painting.

The Master Charles Reid the most talented watercolorist in America today.

My sketch.


More painting.

Charles said time to quit so I did and I started another of John. Let ok’ing at him he needs more shadow on his cheek to define his cheek bone. Maybe a highlight lifted also on the cheek and more shadow in his brow.

John and his Jack Russell Jedi.

We all adored Jedi

Especially me. Missing my Zoe. One more of Jedi and his dad John.

My second drawing. I had about forty five minutes left to paint him.


Times up. Hmm think he needs more hair but I like this one best of the two paintings.

Up to the rooftop the rain had ended.

A tugboat heading up river.

Night on the river

A paddle boat passing by while I waited for my car.Look who decided to jump in bed with me tonite. My friend Karen’s collie Carly. What a sweetheart.

Tomorrows model Carver whose mom looks like Madonna.

Nite nite. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1103 Blind contours

Our three old Jack Russells – Charlie the best jack russell ever til Zoe, Jazz Manic feature and Susie super mom.

A few more oldies from The box.


Blind contours. Something I haven't done for a while. You are suppose to keep your pen always on the page while looking only at whatever you are drawing.

Of course I had to color some of them. Jazz had big funny feet even though she was a tiny dog.

The jack Russell state. As in when are u going to play ball with me?




all of these are blind contours of Jazz.
They are just delightfully wonky sketches done in a minute or two.

Hmm well she did have very short legs and a really long body. Maybe she was a daschund disguised as a jack ,,.

Ttyl tomorrow's Saturday. You know what that means.
Hugs Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1096 Those Dogs

Last page in this sketchbook. Hurrah. So I decided to draw another page of Zoe.

Zoe is always up for a modeling job. She's cheap. She works for treats! She is NOT good at holding a pose. Her ears are always listening. Rotating line radar to see what you are doing.

I really like the way this head turned out. Both the sketch and the watercolor.

This is my second favorite head. I was drawing fast.

I still had not filled up my pens and reached into my purse to see what I had. Pulled out a 6B Charcoal pencil and drew with it.

After I painted her I set the charcoal with fixative. So far it seems to not be smearing. Cross your fingers.

Strathmore 400 sketchbook. Colors used. Quin burnt sienna cerulean cobalt Andrews Turquoise.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox

Day 922 You Knew It 

Part 2 Dr Sketchys. I did more than a dozen sketches Wednesday nite. And met friends for a delicious dinner at Bees Knees before. Avocado chop chop. Who knew a baked avocado could be  So delicious. Loaded with crab. I really must draw one. And the rainbow trout perfection. All the while we sat in a store display window eating all this deliciousness. 

Going to have to go back and snap some pics when the bar is full. Love this shot it just needs people. 

More jujitau sketches. This one was five minutes I think. 

Hmm his head is too small I think. Hard to tell now with no reference pic. 

We were suppose to add a monkey to this contest sketch but darn I forgot. Too busy drawing and painting. 

Not bad but head is off. Ilaina really is a gorgeous woman inside and out. Doesn’t do her justice. 

The best of three attempts. Body is good but face too cute. 

Chin too long. Legs too short. As I told Rachel I peaked too early. Lol. 

And oh my – legs ridiculously short. Actually head doesn’t look bad. The vagaries of fast sketching.  

Another contest sketch. I will actually be selling this one at Wet Paint an auction for Greater Augusta Arts Council Feb 18. Funny while sketching it I realized that I had no idea what an ak 47 or a kolishnikof looks like. I don’t even know how to spell the later. lol. 

Busy day. Ttyl 

Margaret who needs to shed Her cat and dog blanket and get dressed. Xoxoxo

Day 907 Still sneezing but

I know it’s allergies. Drawing more fabric! 

The pens I used in my Stillman and Birn Zeta. Notice my nice yellow pencil from Cheap Joes. I got it when I took a class there or was it in an order from there?  Joe always includes a little giftie with your orders. The sweetest mentally challenged young man packs all the gifties. His only job and he loves doing it. If you take a class at Cheap Joes you get to tour the warehouse where Joe introduced us to this special young man. 

The quilts I used for my patterns. My Jack Russell Zoe is my art assistant in charge of quilt testing. 


Margaret xoxox