Day 2073 Those Kings

Are painted now.

I just LOVE these silly guys.

I also painted this drawing of Elizabeth Catlettes marble Torso.

Torso is just van dyke brown and indigo yellow ochre background

The lokapala washed w yellow ochre added burnt sienna cad red light, van dyke brown, Vlads neutral tint, quin gold. Background cerulean

Hahnemuhle wc journal Twisbee Pen with Deartrementis document brown.

Margaret ready for the Memorial Day concert.

Day 2064 one of those days

I was going to paint but NO. Not to be I did get an entry into the SC Watermedia Show.

Waiting was the winner. Course I entered this copy.

I had a few other choices. Hmm

Abt 20!!

I meant to enter the Ferrier and forgot by the time I actually got logged in and password right.

Margaret who was out to lunch and never published this one. Xoxox

Day 2054

Stones at Parafugel Spain on the Mediterranean. Did I go?! NOPE from a photo of Vlads. I didn’t even like the photo just couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to paint that I had a photo of. Sketch on 140 lb cp rough Fabriano.

Sky wash. Cerulean w a dab of MIXED neutral tint. NOT about a tube of neutral tint but a mix of burnt sienna indigo and dioxzine purple.

I blotted the clouds w Kleenex and dabbed in some of the neutral tint for shadows.

Warm wash over all the rocks.

Moving along with step 2- 50 color/50 water. Really hate it. Especially rocks in middle foreground.

And here’s how I left it. Green tree in background IS distracting guess I will fogk it up. Rofl. Manana.

Margaret ready for bed. Xoxoxox Up early in search of THE photo.

Day 2054 Strancone, Italy done!!! Onward!!!

At least for the monenbt. You never know. It’s subject to change right?! Until it’s framed.

At the end of class. Pallet colors same as Vld said to use. Mostly neutral tint cad red light cad yellow and cobalt today.

Thinking tomorrow or Thursday will try the beach scene we did the sepia sketch of. Lost my focal point but I can fix it in the final one. Should have been in the middle.

Like this one. Sigh.

Think I will draw the scene while I listen to tv. Lol. Can’t watch and draw right.

Spent half the day looking for paint. How can I be out of cobalt van dyke brown AND dioxzine purple. This method of painting uses shovel loads of paint. Need to buy the BIG tubes not the 16″5 oz. shoulda added to my Blick order. Sigh.

I ordered these during class Sunday and here they are already.

I did get a set of Escoda perla brushes from amazon because I could NOT get my black velvets to dry brush. They split.

Escoda perla 8,10,12 from top to bottom

If the perlas are good enough for Vlad, Iain Stewart and Joseph Zbukiv they are good enough for me. Suppose to make great calligraphic marks as well as do sweeping dry brush effects. Not a bad deal $30 for and 8 10 and a 12 travel brush Escoda perla Joseph Zbukiv Brand.

Homework from class. I couldn’t stand the tension of watching the battle this week in Game of Thrones. Eyes on paper. Eeekkk. Glad that episode is over.

Line practice

More homework from class. Supposedly if u draw two dots keep your pencil on left for eye on right dot you should get straight lines. Thinking not something to do during game of thrones or after four cups of high caffeine tea. Lol.

Margaret who has to make her clean bed first before she draws the scene so I can practice trees with my new brushes. Bet they will work on rocks too. Xoxoxo

Day 2053 Day 3 w Vlad

So tired after three days of painting all day and family parties every night I drove home two and a half hours and crashed. Vlads luminous painting of Strancone Umbria Italy Class yesterday was again wonderful. He stayed til the bitter end far longer than he was required. I think he left at 6 not long after I did.

Mine at the end of class. NOT finished. I got into trouble AGAIN. Groan. I did my shadow wash to the wrong line on the drawing. I thought the wire line was where it was supposed to stop. I was painting so fast doing the wash I didn’t notice. I was going to flip it over and start again or paint white gouache over the left side when Vlad said no. Got a sea sponge and taped off the left section and the arch and blotted off the errant wash. Now I have to go back and repaint the windows.

At least my first wash went well. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Vlads soupy washes

Finished day 2 painting. A little dark. I wish I had lifted it with a sponge. And I may redo or look try my paintings for one to do in similar style. Everybody loves it but it looks dark in comparison to yesterday.

Will post yesterday’s when I finish it – hopefully tomorrow.

Vlad at lunch still instructing.

Perhaps the most exciting sharing watercolor teacher I have had. Always on, always instructing. Goes the extra mile. When not demoing hes walking the room helping students several times a day. Shares EVERYTHING he knows. Only John Salimen can compare as a teacher. Then dear Charles who also shares everything he knows as does John.

Tells funny stories and his Russian accent is icing on the cake.

Vlad’s Strancone Italy on his website for sale. I do like his sunflooded version better than the one we painted in class.

One of his funniest told with his Russian accent is we Russians line up for everything. We don’t know what line is for but we get in line anyway.

A fog it up example from his website.

Another funny story. He was telling us how to a paint a landscape similar to this one. He said with his Russian accent u need to fogk it up. We were all dead silent eyes large thinking he said THAT word. He said you know Fogk it up. Aka FOG to up. We burst out laughing after that. Watercolor teachers do NOT run to cussing let alone that word.

He’s also kind and considerate in his critique of your work and thinking of tailor made suggestions to improve what you do. I HIGHLY recommend him. If you cant take one of his classees get his dvd. I am sure its as wonderful as he is. Mine is on its way. He ran out before he got to our class.

Vlads palette and brushes

Two of Vlads paintings that will be for sale at Olmsted Plein Air this weekend.

HIS Plein Air painting in Havana. Said it was full of wonderful crumbly buildings and old cars. But take plenty of paper towels. They don’t have them. 😳 And he ran out when he was there. Oppss.

A lot of these are for sale on his website. Wishing I could afford one or two.

Margaret resting up after her travails. Xoxoxox

Day 1699 Headache😱

15×22″ on Fluid watercolor paper. Planned to paint this sketch I did yesterday but if a headache and decided to take it easy. Aka didn’t get back around to it but did enjoy Anne with an E on Netflix’s. Oh and Guernsey Potato Pie And Literature Society and Chocolat. Two great movies an old fav and a new fav.

Bytw discovered a great source for fluid paper on amazon. Got a six pack of full sheet 22×30″ 140# cold press for $26 or $28. I like the paper because it dries flat. Doesn’t form hollows while it’s wet like some 140 lb will and it’s easy to wipe the paint off if needed. Just dampen blot with a Kleenex and lift and repeat. No harm no foul.

And a blue jay newcomer on the back deck when I threw out black sunflower seed. He seemed to really enjoy it. Watercolor pencils in my stillman and birn.

I should have been watching some of the great YouTube videos by Proko. Everything you want to know about portraiture and figure drawing. Check them out!!

Margaret whose headache is gone. Xoxoxo

Day 1294 Charles Reid FINALLY

It was awesome. A container ship passing by the hotel as I parked my car this am.

Seeing old friends as Judy and Charles Reid, Mike, Karen, and, of course-Colette, and meeting new friends. The dynamic duo – Charles and his wife Judy – are just delightful wonderful people.

The great man Charles Reid painting!!

His painting. Such magic watching him paint. Sold for $1400. Nice to know mine has gone up $400 since last May. Charles’ Contour Drawing

If you haven’t taken a class from him DO IT!! Or at least get his videos the next best thing.

Colette and I had a hasty lunch in her room and ran down to the river to walk along the Savannah. Looks just like my part of the river but no paddle boats where I live. Just a lot of kayaks.

The set up. Yep that’s a croissant!!

My contour drawing which means keep your hand on the paper and connect all the objects dummy(that’s me!! 4 times now I have taken his class. I should KNOW by now!!)

My painting l. Still don’t think it’s loose enough but everyone loved it. Someone even thought it was a Charles Reid 👀.

Bed time. I hope to get up early and go draw in downtown Savannah.

It’s so gorgeous and not hot then.

Margaret in Savannah ready for bed. Xoxoxox

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Day 1073 Its Saturday

Sweet Emily! 18×24″ What happens when you use a two inch flat brush on Bristol!! 

Charles reid watercolor hand held palette which put my hand to sleep. #allaprima #nude #lifemodel #watercolor #aquarelle #aquarellepainting #pencil #pencildrawing #lostedges #emily 

1″&2″ Cheap Joes Golden Fleece Flat brush and #10 Da Vinci and that’s it. 

Tip: curling thinner paper. To get it to lie flat, paint it w water on the back and it will flatten out. 

First break 40 min. 

Painted on strathmore Bristol 100# which is like hot press paper but cheaper. 

Wash of DS Quin coral and yellow ochre w some cerulean and burnt sienna. Background, hair, drapes  burnt umber ultramarine 

Drapes Aurelion, Winsor Yellow, Quin Gold w burnt umber ultramarine darks

4B and 6B pencils 

The crowd was thin today. So not many paintings. A lot of people on vacation but I do love to paint Emily!! 

Drew Murphys acrylic. The quips were flying between us. One of the things we paint for.  I told him his was a little grey this time. Usually they are bright and vivid.  

Fred the dentist. Oops he left early. 

Als lovely huge oil. Amazing what he gets done in two hours.  This is four by 3 FEET

Rachel who’s only been painting anyear or so but she draws at every meeting. Drawing practice gets the job done!  You WILL improve. Like anything else you want to do well you have to practice. ALOT!!!

Margaret who has a dog and a mill to paint. Oh and a couple of cars and some rubber duckies. Thanks for stopping by.  Xoxoxoxo 

Day 1036 – The Farrier

I took a great photo of Raisins farrier when he was showing Harley and Beau a couple of weeks ago. 

He has luxurious mustaches. 
Here’s the photo I took in the barn when he took a quick break. 

Filing shaving who knew it was such a job. Not to speak of holding up the foot of such a large beast. Harley is 17.2 hands. A big fellow! 

As you can see it’s hard work shoeing horses. They have been known to sit on farriers while their shoes are being changed. 

I was surprised he was all done in about an hour. Busy guy!! 

The sketch. Drawn on 140# cold press fluid paper. 

Marking progress. 

At this point he’s pretty scary looking. The shadows on his cheek look too dark. 

Not fond of the no lost edges look of his head. Every thing was too hard edged. Not what I had envisioned. So I left him here to think about it overnite. 

Besides I had to watch the last show of Call the Midwives. LOVE that series. Now I can watch it all over again. Yes I have it on DVR! 

Here he is with the beard in progress and some background added. Starting to loose some edges. I decided to do him what I do when I don’t like the way a painting is going. Add some sloppy dots. 

Once you don’t like a painting it’s a good opportunity to just mess with it. 

I started reading this great watercolor book that Raisin gave me. Ran across his art at Cityart when I went on the Vista Gallery Walk last month and was thrilled to find he had a book. 

One of the things he suggested was spraying the hard edges with a spray bottle?! WHAT?? Yes SPRAY the edges to loose them. 

So I hit the background with the spray bottle. What a great effect. Juicy runny spotty color. LOVE The effect. 

Did the same thing on the left background. And swished it with a big brush. 

Love the speckles the runs and then the light areas. Try it. Such fun!!

It did leave a few horizontal drips on the left that I didn’t like but a few swipes with Mr Clean and zip they were gone. 

See?! All gone! Got to love fluid paper for its liftability. 

Yesterday I didn’t like the dark ick colored shadows on his cheek. Funny today they don’t bother me. I guess time fixes paintings as well as the heart. Lol!

So he’s done for now. Fixating on his mouth and that hard edge Sean on his shoulder. Oh well nothing’s ever perfect. Going redraw him on an offer sheet of 300# paper today. 

Margaret who has to get drawing now. Xoxox

Day 1032 That bouquet

Thought I would change up the title! Lol. 

The bouquet is definitely on the wane. 

Finally one that I am pleased with everything. Well almost. Only took  five years of practice, three classes of fifteen days and we won’t discuss the $$ spent on classes and art supplies! A valuable painting.   

Filling up the page like Bonnard would do. 

The ubiquitous tea pot is gone. It was too big and too fat. Give me a nice juicy navel orange any day. I spent a lot of time rearranging the fruit. They were all lined up either vertically or horizontally every time I drew them. And they started out way too big. 

In the sketch you can see the fruit is different than the final painting. 

Bytw of u haven’t got the audible ap get it and download some great books to listen to while you paint. I listened to War Brides a thrilling world war 2 story set in England. Full of spies Nazis bombings and of course a love story or two and war time marriages. 

Paper Fabriano 140# 18×22. An odd sized old block that I have had for three years since my first Charles Reid class in Atlanta. Should have saved one of my first paintings I did with him. This one is a big improvement.  

Colors used.  The splatter was the soup in the plate under my water bucket from painting all day. Perfect grey.  

Colors used Winsor yellow, ds carmine, cobalt violet, mineral violet, oxide of chromium, viridian?, cerulean, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, cad orange, cad red light or scarlet lake, sap green.

Ttyl Margaret xoxox