Grey skies!

Actually practicing them. Hate to mess up my drawing of the Fox with a terrible sky.

Did I say I love to stick my fingers in a sky wash?! or blot it with a Kleenex. A NONO for a perfect sky wash.

This one is made with cerulean with a bit of dioxzine purple mixed in. Once I ran the wash I added very diluted yellow ochre, neutral tint and alizarin mixed w a dab or dioxzine purple here and there.

I let it sit til the sheen went off the wash and splattered it with water. Not enough obviously.

Then I made a greyer one. the only difference was I used neutral tint as the base. The dots are caused by splattering it when the sheen was off. Should not have dropped on my sky. Oops. Got a cauliflower aka cloud. lol.

I will probably use this one on my fox painting.

Maybe tomorrow I will try out some buildings on it. Ultimate procrastinator now, aren’t I?

Patience thy name is Zoe. Aka begging for a Five Guys fry. She has good taste.

Love these Ten Commandments from Danny Gregory!

Here are the ten commandments:
I. Thou shall not be afraid of making things.

II. Thou shall not erase. Well, not too often.

III. Thou ought to keep a journal of your life and draw the stuff that strikes you as cool and make little notes next to it and stuff.

IV. Thou shall not not play around.

V. Thou shall not covet they neighbor’s art work as thine own.

VI. Thou shall remind other people that they can draw even if they think they can’t.

VII. Thou shall not judge too harshly.

VIII. I 8 a dead horse.

IX. Thou shall draw on the Sabbath, but not only on the Sabbath.

X. Thou shall not make lists with more than IX things in them.

Margaret xoxoxox who needs to follow them. Been a little slack lately but I did get my art supplies straightened out. Yeah.