Three months later

Paragues, France #280 Cold press arches

It’s done. No clue as to why I didn’t finish it. The basic painting was a good one. But there it languished in the half dozen unfinished paintings. Some just drawings. Oops.

Here’s the original photo lost in the morass of my 30000 photos on my phone. The value sketch.

The sketch.

First wash

Keeping those colors transparent. Well except that black. 🤮

Adding more darks.

And I ditched it for THREE Months. Why?!

Well now it’s done and I like it. I wiped out a lot of the black by taping and lifting with a Mr Clean and lots of blotting today. Also lost some of the street shadow at the back. Lightened the clothing on the figures. Finished the signs. Added the red which I really like. Messed with the bush. I spent an hour originally painting it. Spent all afternoon fiddling with it. 🤪

Hope you like it.

Zoe dressed up for Easter. She likes to start early. The dog seriously loves her scarves. If she shakes them off she will try to nose them back on.

Margaret xoxoxo