Day 1093 Its Saturday

Ilaina, painted on Strathmore Bristol, drawn wa 6B pencil.  I must be rusty not having gone for a couple of weeks. Actually was nervous today. Too much caffeine?! I am never nervous at lifemodeling but I was today.  

I actually like it but it doesn’t look quite like our lovely Ilaina who is such a great model. She does a lot of yoga is very muscular and toned and poses steadily as a rock. 

I lifted color here and there and added to the background. She’d had a purple blob on her chin. And the shadow under her eye on the one on her nose has hard edges. 

Eek what’s with the purple blob?!!  

I love the background done w a 2″ flat cheap Joes Golden Fleece and a spray bottle and a little dabbing.  

First break forty minutes.  Colors used vermilion yellow ochre cobalt ultra violet mineral violet.  Background and hair burnt sienna and cerulean and burnt umber. 

Drew Murphys acrylic 

AC oil

Terry oil

Rachel Miller watercolor. 

Coach charcoal 

Coach pastel 

Al large oil. 

May torture mine some more. Haven’t decided. 



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