Day 1102 Cleaning out

Getting ready to move shelves so a room can be painted I am going thru a box of old papers photographs for painting and sketches. Sometimes I will sit down with a pile of paper and just draw whatever I see. Less commitment with typing paper.

Bones was a sweet long haired stray cat that someone dumped in our neighborhood. Thin as a rail when I started feeding her and of course pretty soon she was in the house. Oops.

Eventually she went to live with my son in Atlanta.

Jamming herself into bookcases seems to have been her thing. Cats do the funniest things.

I should pitch these but have a feeling they are going back in the box with the photographs.

Sketched with a black Pitt pen. Love Pitt pens. They are hard to kill. Tips hold up to my hard treatment of them. The ink is India ink so it's permanent. And they just don't seem to dry up for years. I know I have some ten years old. A record I am sure for a felt tip pen. Only sharpies seem to last as long.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox