Day 2 selfies 😱😱😱

A total freak out from this angle. Interesting gesso covered paper.

All the odd marks on it are stamps. Some old Tim Holts that I had never used. Coat the paper with gesso and then stamp in it while it’s wet.

More Dr PH Martin hideous watercolor. 18×24″. Rice Paper gessoed to some Cheap canson watercolor paper.

Myrna’s selfie using this technique and stamping dots over it.

A strange surface to paint on. Rather like painting on concrete. Do not use your good sable brushes if u try this technique.

Myrna lots of fun. Her idea of a good show name is The opposite of irony is wrinkly:Faces and Hands. 🤣

Got lost looking at Myrna’s series based on one photo. There are several but this is one. Quite an inspiring lady!!!

Margaret ready for bed. Xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Day 2 selfies 😱😱😱

  1. Marilyn Cieremans says:

    I still enjoy your progress and daily up-dates. A couple of days ago you mentioned that when you go somewhere you want to paint everything. Isn’t that because you want to capture the entire adventure? Just as someone would try to do with a camera!
    It must be interesting and challenging to paint yourself.
    Thanks for my daily art exposure.

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      I don’t know. I can’t figure out why I feel like that. Defiant surroundings are more interesting. Augusta is just eehhh. Self portraits NOT any fav thing to do. But as Myrna said a subject that’s always available. She has a great blog. Lots of tips.


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