Day 2064 one of those days

I was going to paint but NO. Not to be I did get an entry into the SC Watermedia Show.

Waiting was the winner. Course I entered this copy.

I had a few other choices. Hmm

I think they rejected this one. Then it got third in Ga. go figure. Matthew. Really like this one. Henry. A little dark. Barbara. Ehhhrhododendrons too old. they never like these flowers. Too bad I love them. rather like the chickens. I love dot. Mike didnt. Voted off the island. Potter. Done in a class so not eligible.

Livia. Ditto Potter remark. Usually you can but not this year. This was my first choice 😵😵😵😖 maybe I will just repaint her so I so can enter her where ever I want.

Ferrier. Meant to enter him. Hmm always next fall.

And I do love a good rooster. They always have a tude. Abt 20 Choices!!

And that’s a wrap folks. Time for a very late dinner.

Margaret who is hungry. It’s only 8 pm. Xoxoxox

4 thoughts on “Day 2064 one of those days

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks oh best critic and fan. I just want to get in. Anything else is gravy. Lunch yesterday was fun. Next time I drive to Aiken. 🤗


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