Day 2003 foreshortening πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅

How she looks. Is. Has played. Ed to work on it more til I got the big drip.

First forty min. TOOOO small. Didn’t fill the half sheet up.

I spent the day getting red orange all over everything when I opened the palette to see if I needed more paint. I didn’t but that red orange lept out. Allover my top my purse my shoe. Dropped thru a hole in the shoe onto my foot. Even on one of the kitchen chairs.

Second forty min. Did I say I started over?!

And to make Matters perfect after struggling over the foreshortened drawing for the first two sessions I finally had it right only to get an red orange blob in her black hair. Then I got a hideous drip. The wrong way when I turned the painting to fix her hair.

Groan. Maybe I will finish her maybe NOT. Leaning toward the NOT.

Tom Needham Watercolor

Bill Daniels oil on arches oil paper

Coach’s charcoals.

Jermey Sutherland

Al Beyer oil

DrewMurphy acrylic. He was so funny. He said it looked like he had gotten out his crayons and used them. Oopsey.

Margaret xoxoxo annoyed with herself. I guess you can’t catch all the drips.

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