Day 1709 Pod People😱😳

Wednesday we went down on the Tennessee River front urban sketching. Lots of things to sketch around there. The area could fill a sketchbook. Ruth was drawing what I call the podpeople and I finished my bakery sketch before she was down so I pulled out my elegant writer pen and drew the podpeople.

Actually these weird things are called Birdzels. Standing about five feet tall they march across the lawn. Very freaky I think. The sculptor Mark Chatterly is evidently fairly famous. He will sell you one of these for $4500 but we really thought three or more would be better. Take a few home!! 🤣👍🏻

Back to the elegant writer. Fun pen. You draw with it. Then paint over it with water and it releases color but then dries permanent. All that watery color in this sketch is from wetting the pen lines. As I said fun.

Also drew the Chattanooga Choo Choo billboard this morning from the parking lot of Niedlands Bakery. The Choo Choo sign is the little grey bump in the sky above my sketch. Might have been a perfect opportunity to use my elegant writer but I didn’t think about it.

Back to Niedlands Bakery I bought the most amazing ham and cheese croissant. I was going to eat it tomorrow for breakfast. I didn’t make it ten miles before it was gone. Amazing. Why didn’t I buy two or three.

Sigh too far to go back to Chattanooga for some more.

Margaret now in Atlanta without internet or tv til tomorrow when the repair guy shows. Pray for me. 😱😂

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