Day 1011 Some Grafitti aka Extreme Journaling

Well let’s hope I don’t accidentally delete this post this time. ROUND TWO!! 

This is the assignment for week five of the Juliana Coles The Book of the Night class.  Based on the Persephone Demeter Greek Myth.  As usual first we journaled. Then I painted it out.  

And I painted collaged and stamped it.  

I added some red paint wiping it off and some purple on the spring side. 

Added the white lettering with caran dache neocolor ii and scribbled on it some of the neocolors. 

I also used my new favorite toy a 6B lead that I bought at Cityart last Thursday for $1.29. They have a storefront and gallery in the Vista. 

The lettering on the leaves was done with the lead.  I also enhanced the skulls in Hades on the bottom right with the caran dache neocolor iis. They didn’t show enough 

Then I added some more red to the wrap on the girl on the left. I was hoping it would add to the flames of hades.  Not sure it did But it’s done for now.  

Ttyl. packing one more day til I leave for Charles Reid class. Margaret xoxoxox 

7 thoughts on “Day 1011 Some Grafitti aka Extreme Journaling

  1. wedgroup, Nellie says:

    Love it! I think that last bit of red was brilliant addition. I downloaded the PDFs of the class, enjoying working that way. Have a great class. My last name name was Van Scoy when Charles Reid painted me in the late 80’s or was it the 90’s. Look forward to your posts from his class.

    Liked by 1 person

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