Day 923 it’s Saturday FiNaLLy!

Sweet Sarah was our model today. This is where I was at second beak about an hour of painting. I should have painted the background and called it quits. BUT NO.  

I moved her left arm and hand up. No moved both arms up. And forgot to finish them. Duhhhh. But I can do that on Monday. 

This is the preliminary sketch. Very gestural. I measure the width and height and location of body parts by using her head length. U can see the purple and red hash marks where I marked it out. 

This was at first break. Almost done. What happened?!  Left hand looked better here than later.  
TIP Bytw I discovered if u  paint a triangle for the hand and let it dry.  Then laid a pint brush with shadow or background color and use the side of it to paint between the thumb and the forefinger and I get a hand. Works really well and oh so easy. 

The rest of the group. 

Drew Murphy. Fabulous as always. This is huge but Drews a big guy. 3×4′

Ilainas beautiful painting. Usually our model she’s really coming along. I LOVE this tiny painting.  Al Beyer’s lovely oil. Also 3×4. A lot of territory to cover in an hour and a half. 

Another beautiful watercolor from Tom Needham. 

ACs beautiful small oil. 

Not sure who did this one. 
Alex’s gorgeous conte sketch. 

Fred’s sweet painting. Large acrylic. 

And that’s the Saturday roundup. 

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