Day 909 A bit more of Key West 

Been meaning to finish this for a while. Today I did it. A compilation of two of our tours the Historic Inn Tour and the Christmas Trolley Light Tour which was our fav. $15. A bargain. 

Still have three more spreads to finish. Guess it’s time. Anyone know a publisher who needs a Key West book?! 

The tools. 

Hmm painted with my smaller #2 Richeson  mop and my #10 Da Vinci Sable. And mostly I used the mop. 

Tips on The Christmas tree. Leave a lot of white. First layer is quin gold. Then I added hematite green and a bit of hookers green and ultramarine blue. Did the palm the same way. 

Last I used a white pentel gel pen to add white lines and lights to the trolley. And anywhere else I wanted a bit of white. It doesn’t show when u use it but it does show in photos. Strange but true. 

Off to sketch the park in black and white. Wonder how many pens I will use?! 


Enjoy your Sunday 

Margaret xoxoxox

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