Day 908 Lazy Saturday

After all that sneezing and Benadryl decided to be lazy today and binge on Netflix’s. 

Maybe I should do some urban sketching off of Midsommer Murders? It’s always set in the most charming Bristish villages as long as you overlook a serial murder or two in every village. 

About the sketch one of the Key West sketches. A steel drum player at Buzzards Roost. Sketched on location of course. 

Colors are Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. Pentel. Rush pen in a Stillman and Birn Zeta. 

Tip: I do much better painting all trees when I use my  squirrel mops. I have a 12 and a big fat Isabey mop. It keeps me from getting to detailed. Then I usually splatter them to give the small lead effect. 

Love my mops. Top one is the Isabey 12 second one is an Isabey 8 I think. Bottom one is a Richeson 2. The 12 is from Blick Atlanta Peachtree store. The bottom two are from Cheap Joes. I use the two smaller ones the most. 

It’s really hard to get detailed with these which is great for trees or painting Charles Reid style. The smallest brush he likes to use is an Isabey 16 Kolinski sable. 

That’s is for today. Go forth and sketch. 

Margaret xoxoxo thinking about a run to the nearest park to sketch the kids in the manufactured snow park. One day only event. 

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