Day 850 Sarah on Saturday 

Sarah was our model today and I decided to do a watercolor (18×24″) for some practice. You have to practice to keep your skills up. 

Look under her nose. I lifted a bit of color there. Where I was standing the line of her upper lip blended into the background. 

Here’s the whole painting.  

This is how I lifted bits of color here and there. Tape and a magic eraser. Be sure it’s clean.  It will lift the color on cold press watercolor paper almost back to white. I used fabriano paper. 

Be sure to burnish the masking tape down so there are no leaks. Wet a CLEAN magic eraser and wipe the color away. 

One of our newbies Iliana’s. Fmgreat job! 

Another newbies post. Rachel. Good job Rachel. 

Coach Larry’s actually a terrible pic of a nice drawing. Tom Needham’s watercolor. 

Ruth Oaearks great acrylic. She didn’t quite finish. Ran out of time. 

Jeremy’s I think. 

Alex’s. It’s a Geiger.  A great one in the back too. 
Al Beters large oil. 

Margaret tired ready for a Nap

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