Day 767 Al Beyer 1

Al does huge  phenomenal landscape paintings. When I say huge. Most of these at at last four by eight feet. They fell just like you are out in the woods. 

  Al is a professor at USC Aiken and has mentored all the top area artists for years.  He also holds Saturday life model sketching events every Saturday unless its Christmas.  The $4 fee is nominal and always great fun to go.

He paints these huge paintings section by section using one small 8.5×11″ printed sheet of the photo that part of the painting is based on. This is called tiling the photo in your photo apps. I know Picasso does it. 

This one is relatively small. Only about 2x 3 feet. Still large but not by Al standards. 

A summers wood

Another pair of mini mooching fair isle socks. Size 8-9 if you want to buy a pair. I really need to give up my knitting mania. 

Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret on the road again. Xxx

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