Day 472 – She was too pretty!!😳

She was too pretty 30×40″ ??? acrylic 

At critique today the class loved the way she looked but the boss aka professor said she was too pretty so I spent today trying to make her less pretty. It’s hard to make a pretty girl not pretty. This is what she looks like now.  I should have known better than to use any pink. . 

I decided to use contrasting colors adding a lot of orange with cad yellow light for highlights. I also added some pure phtalo blue for darks. And bits of cad yellow light for  sparkles.  

I also like the area of carpet under the sofa. All the busy stuff. Fun!  

This is what she looked like earlier today. A lot of white on the sofa. I do like the sofa with more cad yellow light on it. The yellow in this photo is nickel Azo gold a rusty gold. 

 Thought u might want to see her pretty face that wuz up close. I do actually like her better now. Now to get her a little wilder and crazier. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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