Day 203 – Off we go!

To USC Aiken to a life modeling session. Professor Al Beyer holds it every week on Saturday in the art studios at USC Aiken. It’s a two hour set pose. No short poses. You would think that would be enough time to finish my painting today but NO!!! I came home and painted a couple more hours before I was Happy with Erica.


Colors usedFigure – Daniel Smith quinacridone coral w a touch of yellow ochre for skin, shadows burnt sienna and cerulean. I love the yummy way they play together. A very few of the darkest shadows are cobalt or ultramarine blue and burnt umber. The hair is ultramarine blue and burnt umber not completely combined.

The background is cobalt and burnt sienna. Splatters are also cobalt and burnt sienna.

The paper is Fabriano Artistico cold press 140#. Great paper. Color will lift right off.

Tip: I managed to get a black mark with the end of my paint brush across her face and the background. My kneaded eraser would not budge it. Then I remembered my Mr Clean eraser that I cut into wedges. Took it right off. Saved the painting. đź‘Ť

Thanks for looking!!

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