Day 196 -my first watercolor nude!

Saturday’s several of us drive to Aiken to sketch nude models at USC Aiken. $4 for two hours. Not a bad deal.

The pressure was on to sketch and paint a model in two hours. Usually doable but I got bogged down in her legs. More about that later.


A close up.


The censored version for FB and Instagram. Don’t want to loose my membership in those.

I am posting the awful one so people can see mistakes can be made and fixed.

I had a few difficulties. The head looked ridiculously huge despite my measuring. I thought I measured her length by sighting her head. 6.5 lengths. Oops. Measured wrong. No room for her feet.

Also her hips were much too narrow. And her hair at the peak of her forehead no shadow!!

The leg problem had an odd effect. I would crop them off so I had fun splashing watercolors to shadow them. I like the effect. Juicy mingling of colors. My fav thing about watercolors.

I did manage to widen her torso and hips without too many problems.

I really should have done a better contour drawing and not worried about it looking like Elena. The odd proportions made the drawing worthless so I lost my inhibitions worrying that I would mess it up. Hope I remember that next week.


Colors used. Quinacridone peach, burnt sienna and umber, cerulean(can’t paint without it!), aureolin, cobalt, ultramarine and yellow ochre. And that’s it.

I used fat 8 and 12 sable brushes so getting too fiddly was not possible.

Painted on a large half sheet (18×24″) of Fabriano Artistico cold press 140 # watercolor paper. Lovely paper. You can lift your mistakes easily. Try it. You will enjoy it!!!

I probably will crop her like this. What do you think.


This is for Lynn Cohen. I drew a car in the parking lot while waiting for my friend Ruth so we could carpool to sketch. It’s about 80 miles round trip to USC Aiken so a carpool cuts down on the costs plus we have good chats on the trip.

The journal page needs painting and better lettering. I had my sketchbook but my pen was buried in the paint bag in the trunk for some reason. Done with a micron pen in my S&B Alpha.

Thanks for looking!!!

Ha so I lettered it. Can’t keep my pens still. Pentel brush marker.

7 thoughts on “Day 196 -my first watercolor nude!

  1. Lynn Cohen says:

    Okay, I found my way here finally! Thanks for the shout out and drawing a car in the parking lot in my honor! I am thrilled. Your lady is lovely. I know so little about painting that I see no mistakes, or perhaps that is the influence of our teachers in SBS. She looks great to me.
    So far I have not been asked to give up my ticket to FB when I post my nude ladies. Good luck to both of us. Keep drawing and painting and I will too. Yours are divine!


  2. Madeline Hawley says:

    What a fabulous opportunity! I wish we had an opportunity like that here. You are so good at your watercolor, I can’t imagine being able to do so well in a settling with a live model.



    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks Madeline. She was a disasyer when I left Aiken. Glad i could fix her. Does Athens have a Dr Sketchys antiart school? Thats our other faborite sketching opportunity.


  3. Laura Casey says:

    You did an excellent job…I would expect nothing more…you’re a GOOD artist…..I like how you gave it an abstract feel with the coloring and outline of the human form.


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Hi Laura!! How are you?! We need to get together next i am in asheville. Sorry to hear Waechters closed!!Thanks for your comments. Interesting take on it!!


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